Inspired by Vintage

Vintage is a word that is often thrown around when describing articles of clothing/accessories that are used or old. But many people often fail to make the distinction between something old and valuable and just pre-loved fashion.

Did you know that Vintage comes from the wine-making business and it is meant to describe the process of picking grapes grown and harvested in a single specified year therefore creating the finished product a vintage wine?

So in the fashion world, the word Vintage refers to any clothing item that was produced after 1920 and at least 20 years old from the present day.   Vintage items are those that were produced in 1993 or earlier.

I happen to love when certain vintage fashions come back in style giving us the ability to mix and match the new with the old.  Here are some of my latest loves in vintage.

vintage chanel quilted bag in seafoam perfection copy

Vintage Levi's Denim Cuttoffs

Vintage Levi’s Denim Cuttoffs

Vintage patent leather clutch

Vintage patent leather clutch

Robin Piccone 'Penelope' Crochet Overlay

Robin Piccone ‘Penelope’ Crochet Overlay

vintage sunglasses copy

Vintage leather tote

Vintage leather tote

Vintage eyeglasses copy

How about some vintage Cindy Crawford.....back when models were sexxxy

How about some vintage Cindy Crawford…..back when models were sexxxy



Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel is perhaps the most well-known fashion designer of all time. Forty years after her death, her namesake fashion house is still one of the world’s most popular luxury brands, boasting legions of devoted fans worldwide, and continues to grow.

And here at LuxResale, it’s safe to say we’re big, big fans of this woman. We certainly count her among our top favorite designers, and we’re sure many of you agree!

Fun Fact: The very popular fragrance, Chanel No. 5, got its name because the number five was Gabrielle Chanel’s lucky number. This also prompted her to premiere the fragrance in 1921 on the fifth day of the fifth month. Side note and bonus fact: Coincidentally, Marilyn Monroe’s favorite scent was Chanel No 5. which led her to become the official face of the fragrance. This is arguably one of the first records of a celebrity endorsement/spokes model.

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LOVE of the Week

This week we are starting a new weekly post! We will be posting anything and everything we are in love with for the week from fashion trends to beauty products. We hope this offers our readers a little insight on what the girls at Stylepal are obsessing over.

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Spring Trends: Pastels

Spring Trends: Pastels

Purse of the week!

Since we had some rainy weather- a nice sweater top.