Spring/Summer 2013 Fashion Weeks Around The World

I love the “big four” fashion weeks (NY, London, Milan, Paris) because they each offer something different and special that speaks to almost all tastes.  I love New York Fashion Week because of its designer melting pot. I love London Fashion Week because of its edginess and you are always guaranteed to find the most unique fashion.  Milan fashion week because of the classic Italian Designers and Paris because of the elegant and classy haute couture houses.

Here are our favorite looks:

NY Fashion Week:

I love this look because of the colors, cut and combination of fabric. The sunglasses are spectacular and transform the outfit from girly to edgy.

DVF SS 2013

Love the color combination and the flowyness of the design.

DVF SS 2013

Super feminine and classy.  Reminds me of Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

Zac Posen SS 2013

I’m all about the cool pattern cut outs this season. Can’t help but admire this sophisticated and sexy dress.

Michael Kors SS 2013

LONDON Fashion Week

I’m a sucker for sheer organza and chiffon so any time I see a creation this sheer I can’t help but be drawn to it.

Christopher Kane SS 2013

More cool patterns and cuts.


I find this look very pure but rebellious at the same time.

Fashion Fringe SS 2013

I admire the creative design in the fabric.

Antoni And Alison SS 2013

MILAN Fashion Week

Loving the patterns and colors in the Gucci Collection.  Classy and feminine as always.

Gucci SS 2013
Gucci SS 2013
Fendi SS 2013

I’m not huge into animal print in general but this look I like.  I also love her hair and make up!

Just Cavalli SS 2013

Love the lace detail on the side of this pant dress.

Roberto Cavalli SS 2013

PARIS Fashion Week

Mysterious and sexy.

YSL SS 2013

The knit work on this dress is exceptional. I love the colors, the shape and the length of sleeves. Very flattering for a woman’s body.

Balmain SS 2013

Tres Chic all around!!!

Jean Paul Gaultier SS 2013

I want this bathing suit from Chanel.  The bag is a little much but I believe it is just for show.

Chanel SS 2013

Fendi, St. John & Gucci

Fun Facts:

Fendi is unique in that it has been run not by male members of the family but by five sisters, daughters of Adele and Edoardo Fendi, who became involved in the business after the death of their father in 1954. Fendi originally specialized in producing high-quality furs and leather goods on Via del Plebiscito in Rome in 1925.

Although Fendi produces a ready-to-wear line, the name is probably best known in the fashion arena for its dramatic fur collections, which have been designed by Karl Lagerfeld since 1962. It has been the company’s relationship with Lagerfeld that brought the Fendi name to the attention of the fashion press. Lagerfeld was also responsible for designing the double-F-griffe  that is almost as well recognized among the fashion cognoscenti as the double-C and double-G symbols of Chanel and Gucci.

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St. John is short for St. John Knits International Inc.  It is labeled as an upscale American fashion brand that specializes in women’s knitwear. The garments especially appeal to executive women or women in positions of authority, due to the use of gold buttons reminiscent of military or nautical officer clothing

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Guccio Gucci (awesome name by the way) opened a small saddlery shop in 1906 and started selling practical leather bags to his horsemen customers in the ‘20s. As a young man, he rapidly built a reputation for quality, hiring the best craftsmen he could find to work in his atelier. The quality was so outstanding he quickly gained a reputation and started to expand his line in Rome. The third store opened in Milan in 1951. By the time the fourth store opened in Manhattan in 1953, Guccio had died and his sons were running the business.

The brand was famous for a while, thanks to famous customers like Jackie O., Grace Kelly and Aubrey Hepburn, but by the ‘80s Guccio’s grandsons were running the company into the ground. They started to dull the appeal of the high-name brand by agreeing to strange partnerships…designing the interior of the AMC Hornet station wagon. Knockoffs were everywhere, and the grandsons started fighting…yes, physically. One business meeting ended in a fight, and reportedly one of the grandsons hit the other one in the head with an answering machine! haha.

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